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We are so thrilled that you have a moment to share with us!


Arriving in 1828, from Leurbost Scotland, John Montgomery and his wife planted their roots in the small 

coastal community of Jersey Cove, Cape Breton Island, where they farmed the land and fished the waters

to provide for their family. Throughout the six generations to follow, their homestead has served as

somewhat of a neighbourly hub, wherein iron was forged, flour was sold and post delivered.

The lines they cast so long ago, have unassumingly woven a fine net around our family heritage,

encompassing who we are today.


The Montgomerys’ crew, continues to fish the very same shores,

providing the finest in fresh lobster, for us here at Baddeck Lobster Suppers during fishing season.

During the summer season, you'll want to anchor your ship out at the fire pit, where we’ll show you the ropes

of planking Atlantic salmon over an open flame. Inside, the other local clansmen are here as well;

helping our family to bring you a memorable (and yummy!) Cape Breton experience.

From our traps to your tables, we are led by the lasting light, shining in our family lantern, and oh; how it warmly glows.


We have some wonderful stories to share and local seafood to savor; hope to see you soon!


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