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Feeling Hungry?! We offer "All You Can Eat"!


(each entree below includes "all you can eat" Cape Breton steamed mussels & chowder,

one of our home-made desserts, one non-alcholic beverage, tea/coffee)

Locally Fished Lobster


Fire Planked Atlantic Salmon


Cape Breton Snow Crab


Grilled Strip Loin Steak




Just the Main Please

Locally Fished Lobster

served with side salads and of course - melted butter!




Fire Planked Atlantic Salmon

planked on sugar maple over an open fire, right outside!

served with roasted potato, side salads and a dose of our secret sauce




Cape Breton Snow Crab

served with a side of side salads and of course - melted butter!




Grilled Strip Loin Steak

served with roasted potato and side salads 




Something Light?


Seafood Chowder

our own spin on a local favorite featuring;

potatoes, haddock, polluck, scallops and shrimp, 

in a lighter milk based broth


Cup   6

Bowl  10

Cape Breton Mussels


locally sourced mussels, steamed with white wine, garlic,

 served with melted butter


Bucket 24

Bowl     8

Green Salad


mixed greens and a daily assortment of fresh veggies,

served with your choice of grapefruit, balsamic vinagirette or ranch dressing


Large  10

Small  7

Something for Dessert?


Housemade dessert served with vanilla ice cream if you like.

Our selection changes on a daily basis!




Locally Roasted Coffee!/Black or Herbal Tea




We also have a wine/beer menu!


Do you have children and/or dietary restrictions? No problem!

Please let your server know and we'd be happy to do our best

in providing you with suitable menu options.

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