So you'd like to bring a gaggle of guests eh? Super!

We'd love to host you. Here's a few tidbits of information about our

tour group package and how to submit a request for

a tour group reservation:

[A tour group reservation must be made at

a minimum of two weeks in advance.]

[We can accommodate a group of up to 45 guests! Woohoo!]


[Upon availability, we can offer a seating time of between

4:30 PM and 7:00 PM daily.]

[We require a final head count of guests attending

48 hours prior to your reservation date/time,

along with their Menu Choices 


[Wondering what's for dinner and how much it costs per guest?

Check out our group menu and pricing on the right!]


[We offer a wonderful selection of locally made wine, beer and more! But naturally they aren't included in the meal price.]

[You will be asked to read and submit our Tour Group Information & Guidelines Contract, which you can find             ]


[If you'd like to submit a request for a tour group reservation,

please email us at

OR fill out the form provided below]


[ Please note, we do not have availability for

tour group reservations during the month of August]


our own spin on a local favorite featuring;

potatoes, haddock, polluck, scallops and shrimp, in a lighter milk based broth



locally sourced mussels, steamed with white wine, garlic, served with melted butter


Locally Fished Lobster

served with coleslaw, potato salad,

tomato-cucumber salad and melted butter


Cape Breton Snow Crab

served with coleslaw, potato salad,

tomato-cucumber salad and melted butter


Fire Planked Atlantic Salmon

served with roasted potatoes, coleslaw 

 and tomato-cucumber salad


Grilled Strip Loin Steak

served with roasted potatoes, coleslaw, 

 and tomato-cucumber salad



[our feature changes daily]

each meal also includes;

fresh rolls/housemade tea biscuits,

one non-alcholic beverage,



$55 per guest

[tax and gratuity included]

*please let us know if your guests

have any allergies or dietary restrictions

as we are always happy to do our best in

providing suitable alternatives